Moscow and its thousand domes

When I think about Moscow, I just have one word in mind: “Fascinating“. I had the chance to visit Moscow both in summer and in winter and I have so many memories.
There are many activities to do and sites to visit in Moscow. Here are few things that I would highly recommend to see.

The Red Square

The “Red Square” is actually called the “Beautiful Square” in old Russian. You’d better forget the references to the red bricks that decorate the buildings or any allusion to the communist regime. This pedestrian space is amazing, it is steeped in history. The biggest events in Moscow are still organized here. It is surrounded by a couple of State and religious buildings: the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the GUM store, the State Historical Museum, The Lenin’s Mausoleum and, of course, the Kremlin’s walls.
This is undoubtedly the first place to see and the starting point of your visit in Moscow.

Basile le Bienheureux

Mausolée Lenine

The Kremlin

The former home of the Tsars and leaders of the Soviet Union can also be visited… except the palace where the current leaders work. Museums, cathedrals, monuments, gardens … it’s an intramurals city. You can even go around the enclosure. I would advise you to visit it during the morning because it’s often crowded during the afternoon.


Musée Histoire Etat


How to visit Moscow?

Moscow is a very big and large city: the sightseeings extend over several kilometers.
It is possible to walk around Moscow but if you want you can still use the metro. Metro and subways are simple and they will take you everywhere. Plus: the metro stations are filled with paintings, mosaics … each stop is worth visiting!
However, if you are not afraid of kilometers (or miles) I would invite you to go to the University of Moscow.


From the city-center you will have the opportunity to see what the Russian capital can offer.
On the way, the Lenin Library, the Pushkin Museum, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Statue of Peter the Great, the Tretiakov Gallery, the Gorki Park (or Koultoury) and the State University of Moscow. This building is one of the “Seven Sisters” or Stalinist skyscrapers, and one of the most symbolic buildings of the Russian capital. 36 floors, 33 km of corridors and more than 5,000 rooms. Close to the University, there’s a nice spot, slightly elevated, from where you can observe the Olympic stadium and the city center. Hopefully, you will also see newlyweds and photographers coming to immortalize their union. It’s doable as a walk, I came back. I would still recommend going by subway.


Pierre le Grand


Centre panrusse des expositions
Centre panrusse des expositions
Musée du cosmonaute
Cosmonaute museum
Théâtre de Bolchoi
Bolchoi Theater
Le couvent de Novodievitchi
Novodievitchi Convent
 Parc de la Victoire
Victory Park
Parc Gorki
Gorki Park

Moscow… I’ll come back



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