7 reasons I love hiking during the winter

Days are shortening, temperatures are falling and so winter comes… The cold weather makes me want to stay home. But I realized this is a big mistake. Going outside and doing outdoor activities are actually the best way to enjoy winter and to find a positive energy !

While I was in Montpelier (south of France), with my friend Téa, we decided to do some hiking in the region. We discovered the beautiful Lake of Salagou and its magic colors (I talk about it here), and then we went hiking all the way to the top of the Pic Saint Loup.

I did not imagine how this afternoon would change my vision of hiking in winter. I usually do not hike with scarf, hat and gloves, but I have to admit it;  I love it!

Here are 7 reasons, at least, I love hiking during winter time

❤ You do sports (Doing sports in winter helps keep your tone, while working on immune defenses … so you do not get sick!)

❤ You spend a good time with friends (because hiking with others is so much fun)

❤  You have the time to discuss and talk about life for hours …

❤  It is a good opportunity to discover new places (and travel again)!

❤  It is the best way to be immersed in nature

❤  You can enjoying the view and the beautiful landscapes

❤  It is an excellent opportunity to take out your camera and practice your photography skills!






From the top of Pic Saint-Loup

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Do you enjoy being outside and hiking during the winter?
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  1. I will hike the Pacific Crest Trail in United States next April and I am reading all the posts about hiking. Fout your post and agree with all the reasons you wrote but more than it I Love your pictures.

  2. says: Niko

    Love your pictures!!There is an absolute feeling of freedom that comes from them!I did some hiking in that region a few years ago as well and absolutely loved the experience.You truly captured the essence of this place through your pictures.

  3. First of all, I love your photos! Hiking in a picturesque location helps ;), but still finding the right spot to take a picture is no small deal. As a person who loves warmer parts of the world, I do prefer summers in places that happened to have this white fluffy stuff called snow. Somehow, I prefer to be exhausted by heat than been frozen. However, I totally understand that it’s not for everybody and some love hiking in colder time of the year.