Winter colors at the Salagou Lake {France}

Winter is a cold, white season. At least, that’s what I was imaging when January arrived. But a small weekend in the south of France just made me realize that winter can be very colorful and that there is so many things to do outside.

Outdoor & Hikes 

At the beginning of January, I visited one of my best girlfriends in Montpellier. Téa (that’s her name) has been living in the south of France for almost a year. I thus decided to leave a  cold, gray and rainy  Belgium and to spend few days in the south. We mainly decided to make some outdoor activities.

I have to admit that I knew very little about the region so I was delighted to discover a little more the hinterland. What I like about Montpellier is that you can easily leave the city and find yourself in the middle of nature within a few minutes. LOVE THIS!

I have decided to share with you one of my favorites of the weekend: our walk around the Salagou Lake.

The day looks like a mini road trip in the middle of the Salagou valley in the Hérault (a region in the south of France, near Montpellier).
From Montpellier, it takes one hour to reach the lake.
I can promise you one thing, the journey will not be too long  : landscapes  and nature is just awesome ! And exotic too! Except a few details, I have the impression I’m in the great western American country. These colors, this red earth, these endless long roads in the middle of the desert … It’s almost like the Grand Canyon!
But no, we are in France. Besides, we have not seen any cowboys. And after an hour … We’re here …

Salagou Lake {Hérault}

[media]  [/media]

We park and get off the car … Impressive: I am fascinated by these wonderful colors.
Surrounded by small hills of red rocks, Lake Salagou mixes bright and fascinating colors, due to a combination of geological phonemes. It is the ruffe (a volcanic rock, very rich in oxides of iron) which gives this intensely red color. A ray of sunshine that shines, and it is a land that catches fire and a water that becomes scintillating.

The lake is very very large. We thought of going round, but it’s 28 kilometers (and today there is a lot of wind). We stop to take some photos …


 Stunning landscape

[media] [/media]

Salagou lake is an artificial lake created in 1969 by a dam.
Its surprising colors are due to the combination of geological phenomena.
The lake is in the center of Languedoc.
It measures 28 kilometers and is ideal for hiking or mountain biking. 
In summer, it is possible to bathe and the water is very hot (up to 28 degrees). It is certain: I go back!
What about you, what is your heart stroke or your favorite place to go during the winter ?
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