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Sumatra: 3 days in the jungle to observe the Orangutan


We spent 3 days in Gunung Leuser National Park, in the north of Sumatra in Indonesia, and it was an incredible experience! It’s one of only two places on Earth where it’s still possible to observe orangutans in their natural environment. Even though there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to cross paths with these wild (and semi-wild) animals, we wanted to experience the thrill of spending 3 days in the jungle in search of wild animals. So this is where we ended our 2-week trip to Sumatra (read more here). To enjoy this unique experience, we chose to go through an ethical and sustainable agency, Sumatra Orang-Utan Explorer, whose values we share and which supports the local populations. I’ll tell you all about the 3 days and 2 nights we spent in the jungle and our incredible encounter with the people of the forest… 

Sulawesi: Our 3-Week Itinerary


We spent 3 weeks in Northern Sulawesi, a still-preserved gem away from mass tourism that captivates with its nature, biodiversity, unique culture, and hospitality. We embarked on a loop from the turtle-filled island of Bunaken to the paradisiacal Togian Islands, passing through the mountainous town of Tomohon, the underwater landscapes of Tumbak, and the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. This journey was incredible in every way!
Sulawesi is undoubtedly a destination for the most adventurous, taking us off the beaten path and providing a beautiful experience. In this article, you’ll find our complete 3-week itinerary in Northern Sulawesi, practical information for moving from one place to another, and what to do at each step.

thailand itinerary

Thailand: My 6-week itinerary from North to South


I travelled alone for 6 weeks across Thailand, from North to South. From the ancient temples of the North to the white sandy beaches of the South, Thailand offers a rich cultural experience, exotic flavours and a warm welcome. Let me tell you about my highlights, the encounters that touched me and the exotic flavours that awakened my senses.

Thailand: Discover Chiang Mai off the beaten track


Chiang Mai, located in the mountains of northern Thailand, is one of Thailand’s most beautiful cities. Let me share a few tips on how to get off the beaten track and discover Chiang Mai in a different way, through its authentic markets, its hidden and lesser-known temples, through trekking and hiking in the heart of the countryside and, above all, by meeting the locals…

Bangkok: what to do? My 10 favourites in the Thai capital


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a city full of hidden treasures and must-see places to discover. From Buddhist temples to scenes of everyday life, not forgetting its various markets and street food, this immense megalopolis of over 11 million inhabitants is an incredibly lively city, authentic and full of charm. Bangkok was also the very first stop on my trip to Thailand, and also the very last, where I spent a total of 5 days. After exploring this incredibly dynamic and lively city, which didn’t leave me indifferent, I’d like to share with you my 10 favourites in Bangkok. These discoveries will give you an insight into the richness of Thai culture and the diversity of this fascinating city.
Follow me through the streets and districts of Bangkok to discover my recommendations for the Thai capital.

Indonesia - Bromo Kawah Ijen

Indonesia: On the Bromo and Kawah Ijen volcanoes in Java


Kawah Ijen and Bromo are two active and iconic volcanoes located on the island of Java, Indonesia. Kawah Ijen, which means green crater, is an active explosive volcano with an acid lake as its crater, reputed to be the most acidic lake in the world. Bromo is an active volcano that last erupted in 2015, surrounded by several other volcanoes and together they form a unique and magical landscape especially at sunrise with the morning mist. I tell you about my crazy 52 hours experience on the island of Java to hike on the Kawah Ijen and Bromo volcanoes!

Indonesia: 2 week itinerary in Bali


The next part of our trip to Indonesia takes us to the island of the gods, the one everyone talks about: Bali! The name alone evokes rice fields, volcanic beaches, sunsets on the sea and scooter rides among palm trees… And in reality, Bali is all this at the same time with the incredible hospitality of the Balinese, the discovery of the Hindu culture and ceremonies and the promise of an unforgettable trip! In short, I take you to discover an island that is not very big but rich in landscapes and activities to do. I stayed there for more than 3 weeks and I didn’t see the time passing. I present you our 2 weeks itinerary in Bali!

Meeting the Indigenous Sasak in Lombok, Indonesia


The Sasak are the largest ethnic group on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. About 80% of the inhabitants of Lombok are Sasak and this is also the name given to the local language spoken on the island. The Sasak live mainly in the rural areas of Lombok and work in agriculture and fishing but also in the handicrafts inherited from their ancestors. We spent two days in the Tetebatu region, in the centre of Lombok, where we stayed with a Sasak family. A beautiful green area in the middle of rice fields and at the foot of the Rinjani volcano, where the immersion in the local life and in the Sasak culture makes the trip even more beautiful!

Rinjani ascension du volcan à Lombok

Indonesia: 2 days and 1 night on the Rinjani in Lombok


Mount Rinjani is the second largest volcano in Indonesia. Its summit is more than 3700 meters high! It is located on the island of Lombok where we spent 10 days. There are several routes to reach it and enjoy a breathtaking view of the volcano’s crater and the surrounding area. We had an extraordinary experience with a 2 days and one night trek, spending a night in a tent on the crater of the volcano and climbing in the middle of the night to enjoy the sunrise at 3126m, on the Second Summit. In this blog post, I’m telling you all about this crazy but also intense adventure that will be engraved forever in our memories…

Lombok Indonésie voyage

Indonesia: 10 days in Lombok


We started our trip in Indonesia with the island of Lombok. Lombok is located to the east of Bali and remains a much more unspoilt island than its neighbour, and is known as the “Bali of old”. It is the ideal destination for backpackers and travellers looking to get off the beaten track. This is what motivated us to go there… But besides the beautiful landscapes and the paradisiacal beaches, it is also the kindness of the inhabitants and their welcome that seduced us! I take you to discover our 10 days itinerary in Lombok between snorkeling among turtles, discovering the Sasak culture and climbing the second highest volcano in Indonesia, the Rinjani, for an unforgettable stay!

Two-week travel itinerary in Vietnam: All you need to know


Vietnam is a surprising country by its people, its culture, its landscapes but especially by its way of living: at its own pace and with its own rules. It’s a journey you may have been planning for months, it quickly becomes a great adventure full of surprises.
For me, Vietnam turned out to be an unexpected journey, a journey of wonderful encounters, smiles, confrontations but also unexpected moments that transformed these two weeks in Vietnam in an incredible journey !

Portraits of Vietnam


The the richness of all my travels often comes down to meeting the other. Because, for me, going on a trip also means discovering the culture of the country by meeting its inhabitants. During my short stay in Vietnam, I met people who were rich in emotion and sharing. I want to share these few portraits to pay tribute to these people I had the chance to meet. To show their beauty and their differences. Behind each of these photos hides an exchange, sometimes brief, sometimes more intimate. Some people smile while waiting to receive something in return, others take a break after talking with you for hours…

Vietnam: Tam Coc, the Halong Bay on land


A wonderful surprise. Tam Coc, in the region of Ninh Binh, North Vietnam, is a small haven of peace where you are immersed in an impressive natural setting. Landscapes that can dethrone the very famous Halong Bay. Tam Coc is a small paradise in the middle of rice fields and mountains, far from chaos and crowds, where you live at the rhythm of people on their bikes. Here we discover rural Viet Nam, the one that plunges us into the daily life of farmers and rice farmers.
In short, that was my coup de coeur !

Vietnam: Sapa and the rice fields


Vietnam offers impressive and very different landscapes from one region to another. In the far north of the country, the Hoang Lien Son mountains and the rice terraces attract many visitors. Fair enough: the region of Sapa abounds in breathtaking views, and allows you to meet the many ethnic minorities who still live an authentic way of life at the rhythm of their traditions and beliefs.