Portraits of India

One day, while I was walking in the streets of Puna taking random pictures of the city, a little girl looked at me and asked me to take a picture of her. I did take several pictures as she kept smiling and changing poses. She was happy but we couldn’t communicate because of the language. Her mother asked me if I could print these pictures and bring them to her. And so I did.

Even though I almost don’t know anything about this girl, about her life or her story, I felt a very strong connection. This is how I started to be interested in people. I became fascinated by everyone’s difference and curious about everyone’s life…

 I decided to share some street portraits of people that I (sometimes barely) met. I didn’t have the intention to create a gallery of portraits, however, I found these pictures beautiful because they carry a message. These pictures show people’s differences and it shows India’s diversity.  Everyone has its own life, its own story.

Your aim as a photographer is to get a picture of that person that means something. Portraits aren’t fantasies; they need to tell a truth.

Tim Walker

Rickshaw driver, MG Road in Puna

Woman at Shivaji Market, Puna

Little girl at Shivaji Market, Puna

Women in fron of Taj Mahal, Agra

Men in a Rickshaw, Hampi – Karnataka

Market at MG Road, Puna

Passenger in a rickshaw in Koregaon Park, Puna

   Women selling fruits in the street, Laxmi Road

Portraits de “Humans of Pune”

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