Rovinj, the pearl of Istria {Croatia}

When I was on a trip to Istria, a Croatian region next to the Slovenian border, I fell for the “blue pearl of the Adriatic”. With its small streets leading to the church, its colorful houses that face the sea and its mix of architectures, Rovinj (Rovigno) is just the perfect beautiful picturesque town as I really love.

I have selected some of my favorite pictures from Rovinj…


Known also as the little “Venice of Croatia”, Rovinj can not hide its trends and Venetian architecture. Don’t you think?



When I arrived in Rovinj, I had this impression that I had already came here before…



What I mostly like are the small alleys of the city. Lost between small shops and wall decorations, not knowing where to turn!


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  1. says: Frank

    You’ve captured Rovinj well! We were there for a month earlier this year and used it as our base in Istria.
    Beautiful photos.

    Frank (bbqboy)