Mljet île Croatie

Mljet: The Croatian green island

Mljet is one of my most beautiful discoveries in Croatia. This “green island” is a huge natural park located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. The island is not too big but allows you to spend several days immersed in a dream setting: in the middle of nature, crystal clear waters and incredible landscapes!

Mljet is amazing. Amazing because it is naturally beautiful. Amazing because it is still protected from mass tourism. It does not (yet) appear on the holidaymakers’ route.
I discovered Mljet almost by chance, while preparing the itinerary of a road trip in Croatia, during the summer in 2017.
I must admit: I didn’t think it was (still) possible to discover a small corner of Croatian paradise, not too crowded with tourists. Well… What a surprise!

I am sharing my photo album from the island and, as usual, all the practical information at the end of this blog post…


Let me take you to Mljet, my Croatian crush ♡



The arrival on the island….

If you want to reach Mljet you’ll need it: the Jadrolinija ferry! It helps us to cross from Ston to Mljet Island. We have to line up before we can get on (car included) the ferry. The duration of the crossing is about 30 minutes.

The ferry finally arrives on the island… the trip was beautiful and pleasant but I am so happy to be there! When we get back in the car, the GPS tells us that we have 15 minutes left to reach our AirBnB accommodation…. These 15 minutes ended up becoming an hour of admiration and photo breaks in front of this landscape show. The sun is slowly disappearing (it is not very late, however) and colours the sky with a spectacular orange and red. Superb!


The discovery of the Natural Park and its lakes

The Natural Park is one of Croatia’s eight national parks (Plitvice is probably the best known). The Mljet Natural Park can be discovered quietly on foot, by bike or even on horseback. It is a real haven of peace where you can swim in turquoise lakes, rest in the shade under the pines, take a boat ride and have a good time – almost on your own. The atmosphere is so relaxing and peaceful. Away from the crowds, it is the ideal place to rest. What I like most is this mixture of colours. Even in summer the colours of the trees turn orange… What a spectacle!



The view from above from Montokuc

The Montokuc hill enables you to reach the highest point of the island and enjoy a superb view!  Yes, okay, his name is funny, but it’s far from being a little ballad. We walked well 2 hours to get to the end, the view was well worth it =) (Especially because we were alone up there)




Practical information

Mljet, where is it

Mljet is located in the middle of the Adriatic, not too far from Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast… There are very few hotels or restaurants on the island, which probably explains why there are so few tourists (and so much the better)!

How to reach Mljet?

By car

  • You can take the ferry from Ston (Peljesac peninsula), at the port of Praptano > You arrive at the port of SOBRA on the island of Mljet (crossing 30/45 minutes).

  • Price of the crossing (from Praptano): the ferry is quite expensive, we pay 15€ for the car and then about 5€ per passenger

Without a car

  • You can take the ferry from Dubrovnik (duration 2 hours)
  • Once on the island, it is mandatory to have a car and the rental is more expensive on the island than on the mainland. I therefore advise against walking to Mljet at the risk of not being able to move – to my knowledge there is no public transport

What to do and see at Mljet ?

  • Visit the Natural Park (entrance is charged but allows you to go there for several days) > to go to Polace (village from the lakes)
    In the nature park: visit the Monastery of Mljet
    In the nature park: walk/cycle around the two lakes
    • Malo Jezeo, the small lake
    • Veliko Jezero, the big one (8km)
  • Hiking and sublime viewpoint at Montokuc (what a funny name!): The view is superb and well deserved, after a hike of about 2 hours and it climbs… (300m of altitude difference on a little less than 6km)

Where to sleep ?

Since there are very few hotels on the island, we looked for an AirBnb and found this superb accommodation: Villa Evita Apartments.

Not to miss ♡

When you go to Mljet you can fully enjoy the beaches (the only ones in the world) and the transparent water of the sea, the sunsets, and the natural park and its two lakes with turquoise water and rainbow vegetation… The walks to do are really nice. The landscapes are typical of Croatia, with clear (and a little cool) waters, Mediterranean vegetation and the sun that comes to make you feel good.

How many days?

My only regret is that I only spent two days there…. If I had to do it again, I would spend several days on the island to enjoy the beaches and deserted coves, to rent a small boat, and to go for a walk in every corner of the island and the natural park.




Do you know Croatia and its islands?

Any question or comment on Mljet ! Leave a comment





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  1. The Mljet islands and national park is popular among those hundreds of islands in Croatia, because of exotic beauty and wonderful; sites. From hiking, swimming, mountaineering and camping, it is all time favorite places by the visitors. You can learn more about Mljet islands on internet.