Dinant: Discovering the castles of Walzin, Vêves and Freÿr

These last few months, I’ve been traveling around Belgium to discover some beautiful places. What I love is to have the impression of being totally disoriented and amazed, even just a few steps from home. It’s a real pleasure to discover your own country! One of my most beautiful discoveries of the year is the castles in Belgium! Today, I’m taking you to discover some of the castles around Dinant, in Wallonia. Let’s discover the castles of Walzin, Vêves and Freÿr.
Chateau Walzin Dinant

1. The castle of Walzin

It looks like a fairy tale castle, perched on top of a cliff. Let’s be honest, you don’t expect to see such a castle in Belgium! And yet, the Walzin Castle is honestly one of the most beautiful castles in Belgium (in my opinion). It is not possible to visit it from the inside since it is a private domain and therefore impossible to even get close… To see it ? You can see it during a hike in the area or when you go down the Lesse river in a kayak.
I really advise you to explore the Lesse Valley which offers magnificent landscapes: limestone rocks, the grey slates of the Ardennes, its woods and paths, its castles and typical mills.

Adresse: Rue de Walzin, 1
Pour voir le château:
a. Possibilité de faire une balade dans les environs (une boucle qui démarre de la gare de Gendron)
b. Parcourir la descente de la Lesse en kayak. Le parcours en kayak est de 12 ou 21 km sur la Lesse qui serpente et se faufile à travers un paysage fait de châteaux médiévaux, d’un parc naturel, de cavernes préhistoriques, de rochers audacieux et de barrages à franchir.

Chateau Walzin Dinant  
Chateau Walzin Dinant  

2. The castle of Vêves

The Castle of Vêves, located in Celles, not far from Dinant, also seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. It is considered one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Belgium. It has magnificent towers that really give it a Sleeping Beauty look. Note that this castle is included in the exceptional heritage of Wallonia and is now open to the public, unlike the Castle of Walzin. Many events are organized there, to see according to the current measures.

Adresse: Rue de Furfooz 3, 5561 Houyet
Pour voir le Chateau: Randonnée de 18km au départ de Celles et passant par le Château de Vêves.
Toutes les infos sur cette page de Wallonie Tourisme

Chateau Vêves Dinant

3. The castle of Freÿr

The third castle to discover in the surroundings of Dinant is located in Hastière.  It is the Castle of Freÿr-sur-Meuse, a place to visit especially for its magnificent gardens. Terraced gardens and especially a labyrinth of 6 kilometers in a wonderful natural site on the edge of the Meuse and the rocks of Freÿr. This castle is classified as an exceptional heritage of Wallonia. It is therefore a pleasure to be able to visit it and to walk in its gardens, immersed in the greenery.

Adresse: Freyr 12, 5540 Hastière
Pour voir le Chateau et visiter les jardins: Rendez-vous sur le site de Wallonie Tourisme ou le site du Château (le site est un peu vieillot mais les infos s’y trouvent)

Chateau Walzin Dinant
And you, do you know other castles around Dinant?
What is your experience ?
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