A glimpse of Prague

His name sounds like a melody, his style is unique: Praha, the Czech capital is a city rich in history, culture and beauty. The city with a thousand spires and its red roofs, is the perfect destination for beer lovers, architectural treasures or life like in the Middle Ages.

Prague is definitely a pretty (small) medieval town. In the center there are dozens of small charming pedestrian streets, in which there is a crowd of tourists coming from around the world. When we walk a little bit out of the centre, we discover different styles, where it is possible to appreciate the Czech dolce vita in its bars or in its numerous parks and gardens!

The center

Every visit to Prague begins in its heart: the center. A huge square with churches (Saint Nicolas and Notre-Dame du Tyn in particular) and the famous astronomical clock. The clock is activated every hour for a few minutes. Suffice to say, this is the time most expected by tourists (we are all curious, and that’s good) … From this place, we can continue its path and get lost in the many pedestrian streets where the l There are shops, bars and restaurants. To see day and night.

I am charmed by the medieval style, very well cared for the facades and buildings of the capital. But the center is not very big and given the large number of tourists, it is very “packed”.


The Charles bridge and the castle

The tour continues on foot towards the well-known and sought after Charles Bridge, called Karluv Most. It is a pedestrian bridge that allows you to cross the shore (the Vltava) and join the Mala Strana district (where the Castle is). Once the bridge crossed, it will climb and climb to join the castle.

The Castle is a district where many historical monuments are concentrated. St. Vitus Cathedral is the best known. It is also a beautiful point of view.

Do not miss also the Golden Lane, made up of old houses of the guards of the castle, very small houses. This is also where Kafka lived.


Mala Strana

Along the river, Vltava

In Prague, the weather can be very (very) cold in winter. When the good weather arrives, the city changes and it is a very festive summer atmosphere that takes place. While winter can give the city a greyish tone, spring brings greenery, flowers, sun and barges to the edge of the Vltava River. These barges are transformed into bars, restaurants and lounge areas where to rest after-day or on weekends.


To the top…

The city of Prague has a particular style: the buildings are clear, the houses have almost all roofs of red tiles and there are a lot of bell towers. To realize it, you have to take a little height. Take height ; I just love it. It allows you to move a little away from the center and tourist sites, then you find yourself in the middle of a nature and beautiful landscapes. It is at this moment that I appreciate the Pragise atmosphere!

There are several places to see Prague from above. Some are known (and who says “known”, says “crowd of people”), others are less so and it is therefore possible to find themselves in the middle of Czech (eg Vyserhad Park).


Preparing your trip to Prague

All you need to know to spend a perfect weekend in Prague


  • The city centre, with its architecture and its little narrow streets
  • The Castle and its neighborhood
  • Mala Strana district (with the John Lennon wall)
  • The Vyserhad park
  • Lobkowicz and Kinsky gardens (that’s where most of my pictures where taken)

The accommodation is quite expensive in Prague, compared to the cost of life. It is better to book an accommodation in advance. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend you my AirBnb because it was very bad, except the fact that it was perfectly well located (in Stare Mesto).
Book an accommodation in Prague 1, in the center (Stare Mesto)  or around Narodni Trida, Mustek or Ip Pavlova.

Czech cuisine is not the best one I’ve tried. However, it is definitely worth to go to a Czech restaurant at least once. My favorite is the Restaurant U Fleku, where the garden is amazing and they play live music at night. Moreover, they serve you beer all night long (the beers from the place)  

How to move?

The city is easily walkable and there are trams and métro that take you everywhere you want for less than 1€.


You will need korona (1€ = around 26 cK). You can change your money at Praha Exchange (Jindřišská street) – best rate fee. It is locales near to metro Mustek.


Thank you to my litre brother who was my “local” tour guide, since he currently works in Prague… ♡



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  1. Prague is indeed the stuff that dreams are made of. Love the old world charm of the city. A walk on its street would definitely be an enchanting experience to cherish for a long time. Prague has been on our bucket list and we had in fact planned an itinerary, however, our plans are yet to materialize. Hope we get there soon. I the meantime enjoyed reading your post.

    1. says: Florence

      I hope you’ll have the chance to see Prague one day 🙂 I know there are so many beautiful and charming cities to visit, but I’m sure Prague is worth it !

  2. What a great mix of experiences, thanks so much for sharing! I can absolutely see myself strolling along the river, Vltava for hours 🙂 I also loved your summary at the bottom of the post; so handy

  3. I loved Praha when I visited it and thought it’s way more romantic than Paris. The astronomical clock you mentioned is really cool and totally worth to stand in a sea of tourists 🙂 You did very good with seeing Prague from the top as well, it’s quite rewarding to climb a hill. Thank you so much for bringing back some good memories.

    1. says: Florence

      Thank you Thomas for your message 🙂 I’m glad this post brought you back good memories … you’re right, Prague is very romantic !