Brussels: Spring walk in Hallerbos

Every year, between mid-April and early May, Hallerbos is transformed into an enchanting place: a blue forest covered with wild hyacinths. The place attracts a lot of people, and certainly photography enthusiasts, as the scenery is so amazing! For the first time, we decided to go for a walk in Hallerbos to admire the hyacinths that everyone is talking about.

Hallerbos Bois de Hal blue forest
A spring perfume

We decide to go to Hallerbos at the end of the day, on a weekday. The time is ideal since we can park very easily in one of the parking lots and there are few people.

To start the walk, a hiking map (see photo) indicates that we can do a 4.8 kilometer loop following the purple markings. This route is especially advised at this period of the year when the wild hyacinths bloom and that they cover the wood by thousand.
After about ten meters, you enter the wood and even if you can hear the highway passing by, you are immersed in a totally enchanting scenery. Small mauve points color the horizon… Then, while sinking more and more in the wood, these mauve points take shape and we see them: hyacinths.
In addition to the sight, it is also the sense of smell which benefits from it: a light but pronounced perfume which takes us far away…

Hallerbos Bois de Hal blue forest
Hallerbos Bois de Hal blue forest


Practical information to see the wild hyacinths in Hallerbos

  • Adress: Hogebermweg, 1500 Halle (open with Google Maps)
  • Where to park: There are several parking lots around Halbos. You can find them on this official map.
  • Walks: There are several signposts in the woods, for the whole year. In spring, there are 2 “purple routes” to admire the hyacinths
    1. The purple and white route: 4,8km (starting from P1)
    2. The Purple Route: 5,1km (starting from P7, P8 and P10)
    It is possible to do both if you have the time and the desire to enjoy twice.
    There are also other routes, to be found on the official website of Hallerbos here.
  • What is the best time to go? Ideally, to avoid the crowds, I recommend going on a weekday at sunrise or before sunset. This is the best time to enjoy the place (almost alone) and to have a very nice light in the wood.
  • For all official information: see the website of Hallerbos


A walk respectful of nature

This is a sensitive subject but I think it is important to talk about it. Nature is beautiful and will continue to amaze us as long as we respect the places we visit. Hal’s Wood is quite a magical place as these thousands of wild hyacinths bloom every year. In order to preserve this place and to be able to enjoy it for many years to come, here are a few things to do:

  • Follow the marked paths and do not leave the paths
  • Do not pick the hyacinths or trample them
  • Avoid getting too close to the (wild) animals that live in the woods
  • Take your garbage back with you


Have you already been in Hallerbos ? 

Share your experience with us !


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