Italy: A Rome Travel Guide between emotions and wonder

Rome is referred to as an open-air museum. It could not be better said. Rome is THE open-air museum that fills our eyes and captivates our hearts. All the streets tell a story, all the monuments contain secrets, all the neighbourhoods are overwhelmed. A trip to Rome is a plunge into history, art and culture and above all into Roman life, at the risk of never wanting to leave again. A journey between emotions and wonder…

Rome was for me a real love at first sight. It was in 2006, and I remember it as if it was yesterday. Everything was so perfect: its luminosity, its charm, sometimes chaotic, sometimes surprising, its infinite history, its art on every street corner, its brilliant colours, its vespas that swarm everywhere, its grandeur and its down-to-earth side, its graffiti and lightness, its dolce vita and its “Italianness”.
Today, after living there for a few months, feelings are still the same, Rome is my favorite. I am taking you to a trip to this majestic city, which moves, which has kept its authenticity and hides well-kept secrets for thousands of years. A city so unique that I bet it will leave you speechless !



My favorites in Rome

Between emotions and wonder, here are my biggest favorites:

  • The awakening at dawn and the streets of Rome for me alone
  • Sip a cocktail during the Happy Hour in the Monti district
  • To enter the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, to be able once again, to no longer know where to give a head
  • Jogging in the gardens of Villa Ada (near Sant’Agnese Annibiliano)
  • The smell of caffè stretto barely served on a terrace
  • Glaciers every 200 metres and the most unusual tastes (Fassi, one of my favourite glaciers)
  • The view of Rome from the Vatican Dome (San Pietro Basilica)
  • Cycling to Gianicolo and stopping at the top to admire the view
  • Feeling very small when entering the Papal Basilica of San Paolo Fuori le Mura
  • Take a detour to Ostia, to breathe the smell of the sea
  • Strolling through the streets of Trastevere after a rain shower
  • Lose myself on the way but find my happiness in an artisanal gelateria (artisanal ice cream parlour)
  • Tours organized by Veni Vidi Visit in the least known and least visited areas of the capital


Tips to visit Rome

Everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Italian capital 

Rome is a city that can be visited and discovered mainly on foot! Be prepared to walk a lot (a lot). It is also possible to rent electric bicycles with or without a guide. It is an excellent choice to be able to move faster and get out of the centre.

To discover Rome, there are guides and books, some, but there are also ROMANS. I discovered a large part of Rome thanks to the Free Walking Tour organized by these young Romans who were passionate about their city and experts in Roman history, culture and life. Alessandro Patrizi is one of the young people who created Veni Vidi Visit. What I like about him is his authenticity, his spontaneity, and the way he manages to transmit his passion!   To be found on Facebook or on their website

Day 1 :
The historic centre and its unmissable attractions with the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum (combined ticket costs 12 euros and is valid for 2 days, to be booked here), Piazza Venezia (with the Victor Emmanuel II monument), the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Square (with the stairs leading to the Trinity Church), the People’s Square and the gardens of the Villa Borghese, the Pantheon, Navona Square.

Day 2 :

  • The Vatican (and museums to book on the official website), as well as Saint Peter’s Basilica (free admission). You can go up to the dome of the Basilica (for 6 euro) and you have a splendid view over the whole city
  • Castel Sant’Angelo (Castel Saint-Ange)
  • You can continue to Trastevere, the quiet and pleasant district to stroll and eat a bite (for the bravest, via the Giannicolo)
  • We end with Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Day 3 :

  • We take the time to go back to some churches. I advise you San Paolo furoi mura it.
  • The Circo Massimo
  • Giardino degli aranci (and a little higher up, you can admire Rome through a keyhole)
  • Have an aperitif in Monti

For the following days:

  • Basilica San Giovanni
  • Basilica San Paolo Fuori le mura
  • Garbatella district
  • Morning or afternoon in Tivoli (the gardens of Tivoli)
  • See the Maxxi
  • My advice: Take the time to return to certain squares, in front of certain monuments at different times of the day or during your stay, to feel different atmospheres, luminosity,…
  • Good to know: All public museums are free on the first Sunday of the month… You have to be ready to get up early to line up

It’s a difficult question. The more time you have, the more you can visit and do things.
Personally, I would say that the more the better.

The historic centre and the main monuments can be visited in 3 days. If you want to visit the Vatican Museums and/or the Colosseum and take the time to leave the historic centre (very touristic), it will take a few more days! Ideally 5 days on site is not too long!

In any case, if you plan to go to Rome for a few days, you should be prepared to wake up at dawn to get the most out of it. Why? Why? Because you won’t be alone in the city! The earlier you start the day, the more you can enjoy without too many people.

It can be very hot in Rome, so we tend to undress. However, in the majority of churches and monuments, it is necessary to be covered in order to be able to return.

I advise you to wear long dresses or pants and carry a vest or scarf to cover your shoulders.
Take comfortable shoes, you will walk:)


Ultimate Guide to eat, sleep and go out in Rome

Good places to eat 

I’ll be honest, it’s not easy to recommend restaurants or bars in the city. First of all, because restaurants often change management (and therefore, quality can change quickly). Then, because it’s all about taste.

  • Ice cream: Ice cream is available on every street corner. I advise at FASSI (Via Principe Eugenio, 65). It seems to be a factory but it is really well known and it is said to be the oldest in Rome. And it doesn’t cost anything.
  • L’aperitivo: Very fashionable in Italy, several bars and small restaurants offer “l’aperitivo”, in the evening, where you can also eat by paying extra with your glass. The food varies from an all-you-can-eat buffet to a few small snacks served at the table. The favorite district of the Romans is the “Monti” district (near Santa Maria Maggiore) and on weekends there is a great Aperitivo at MOMART (via XXI Aprile): Drink + super buffet at will for 10 euro! The best address in town!
  • Restaurants: I have a very good experience of Ristorante 433 (Via del Governo Vecchio, 123), Grazia e Graziella (Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi, 5), Da Massi (Via della Scala, 34), Osteria da Zi Umberto (Piazza di S. Giovanni della Malva, 14)


Good places to sleep

Choose an accommodation near Termini / Piazza Vittorio Emmanuelle / Monti
Or near the Vatican

Good places to go out

  • Scholars Lounge Irish pub (ici)
  • Piazza Bologna & Testaccio (quartier universitaire)
  • Pub Cuccagna (ici)
  • Pour sortir le lundi soir avec les romains: Any Given Monday (ici)



Some pictures from the Historical center

Le Vittoriano a Rome

Le forum romain et le Colisée à Rome

week-end à Rome


Villa Borghese & Piazza del Popolo

Vatican & the Castel Sant Angelo




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