Portraits of Marseille

When I travel I like  to meet people. Traveling also means meeting people. Meeting the foreigner, the stranger, the local. Discovering those who live or inhabit these places I explore. The richness of a trip stands also in the people you meet along the journey…

“Wherever we travel to, the wonderful people we meet become our family”


Marseille is a city that lives. Those who are disappointed in Marseille, regret that the city does not offer more monuments to visit or “tourist” places. I, instead, had a great experience in the capital of the south and the sun of France* because I have decided to explore the city through its people.
Yes, I must admit, I really love the French accent from the south and the one in Marseille is amazing. So this is how I decided to tale the opportunity of my trip to meet those who live and give life to the city.

I decided to call Marseille the capital of the south and of the sun because of its 360 sunny days and its location in the south of France…

A multicultural city

Marseille is a multicultural city with a front view on the Mediterranean. This is because the Port of Marseille welcomes everyday people from all over the world. You can meet people of all colors, of all backgrounds, of all types, of all kinds. But surprisingly when I asked people “Where are you from? “, their answer was always “I’m French”.

A hate-love relationship

The people from Marseille love their country, but they are not always proud of their city.

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Portraits & stories from Marseille

Portraits of Marseille is a series of portraits and stories of people  that I met during my stay in Marseille.


 « In Marseille people enjoy life. We try to be relaxed, to enjoy the good weather, to enjoy the sea and the lite things. In the same time Marseille is a poor city, there is not so much work… It depends on what you are looking for.»

« I lived in Paris for 18 years, but as soon as I had the opportunity, I came back to Marseille. I missed the friendly people and the sea too much » 


“Marseille is a dirty city… During the day you can see the boats and people walking around, but if you come during the night you will see how it is different. I would say it is even dangerous”



“We come from Algeria. There, we are rich, here we are poor. Well, we are not poor but we are less rich”



“The grocery store is the place where we can meet people and the youth, everyone talks to each other… It is a place for meetings. Everybody comes here, this is what I like about it”


“The drawings on the wall, these are not graffitis, there are not dirty, this is how young people express themselves. This is how Marseille speaks. It is a living city”

“Have you ever heard about the story of Marseille? People from Marseille love to talk a lot and to exagérante …” 



“I am an artist. I have been an artist since 13 years. This is more than a passion, it is my life”



« Voyager sans rencontrer l’autre, ce n’est pas voyager, c’est se déplacer.»

Alexandra David Neel



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