A week-end in Lille {France}

Lille, what a surprise ! The city, in the North of France, is a real secret germ. Authentic, dynamic and lively, Lille is a particularly charming city. It was mainly its architecture and its authenticity that amazed me. You notice it immediately; the city is a mix of different styles (and I love that!). From Flemish (Lille is the capital of the Flanders) to Belgian and Ch’ti (how the people who live in the North are called), Lille has a unique character. A surprising mixture that you will love, like me, I am sure. I am sharing some pictures and good advices to spend a weekend in  Lille …

Welcome to the North (Ch’ti)!

You are reminded of it at every corner: We’re in the North. We are with the Ch’ti!
It is not obvious to a Belgian (from Liège – like me) to notice any particular accent. I hear some resemblances to the Belgian accent all the same. And the resemblances are not found only in the accent; Architecture, food, mood and lifestyle.
For the Ch’ti, we like beer (Belgian heritage?): You can taste local beers – even fruity (but I must admit that they unfortunately do not live up to Belgian belgian belgian beers …) .
And if you’re looking for a restaurant, you’ll find an “Estaminet” everywhere, so open the door and taste the traditional Welsch, it’s delicious!

Grande Place and Vieille Bourse


La Préfecture – Place de la République


From tradition to authenticity

The facades of Lille are particularly pretty. There’s something for every color. It is so nice to walk the lanes of Lille in the middle of these different styles. These houses have retained their old facades and now house shops, restaurants, bars, museums or housing. A beautiful example of how to live harmoniously with its past.


A living city

There are many people in Lille. Especially when the sun is out. And what a pleasure. There are squares and terraces everywhere. The game is to find the one we like the most, to settle in and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Lille.


And green

Green spaces and gardens in a city is the top, right? It is a wonderfully good challenge by the city of Lille which has beautiful gardens, greenery and flowers in all neighborhoods.
The best is probably Parc Vauban and Parc de la Citadelle.
In addition, Lille is an ultra clean city; It’s really nice to walk around.


Îlot Comtesse
Jardin de Notre-Dame de la Treille
Jardin Vauban


Shopping… again and again !

They are numerous and so original. The stores are a real institution in Lille. You can find both basic (big chains) and, at the same time, special shops and crafts … You can go home with unique pieces!



City Guide

to spend a weekend in Lille


Lille is located in the North of France, close to the border with Belgium
It is less than 2h from Paris

Where to sleep?
You can easily find a nice flat on AirBnB
Price: 65 Euro/night for 2

Where to eat?
There are many restaurants and bars around the city (restaurants are called “Estaminet”)
You need to try the traditional Welsh
I would recommend you these two restaurants:

  • Restaurant La Vieille France (rue de Gand)
  • Estaminet En Rijsel (rue de Gand)

You can find very nice restaurants also Vieux Murs Street

Do not miss !

Le Vieux Lille
La Grande Place
La vieille bourse
Le Parc Vauban
Rue des Vieux Murs

How to move?
You can easily walk around the city.
If you get to Lille by car, you can park the car in one of the Parking (12Euro for 24h)
If you come by train, the main station is just a few minutes walk from the centre

You coud also rent a bike for the day (1,60Euro for the day) and bike around the Vauban Garden  (and the Citadelle)


Old Bourse




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Have you ever been to Lille ?
If you have any question, please ask ↓

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