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New Delhi is a striking modern metropolis, a “Top destination on the rise”. Laid out by British architect Edwin Lutyens, the Indian capital is rich with history and culture.
Delhi is portrayed as being big, chaotic, dangerous for women and as the most polluted city in the world. This is probably true but Delhi has so much more to experience and you should probably see it with your own eyes.

There are a lot of things to see, do and experience in Delhi. I would suggest you to go with your feeling. The northern megalopolis of Delhi has a huge spectrum of things to enjoy, from high-end restaurants to chaotic Old Delhi markets.

I have traveled to New Delhi alone and I had a very good experience. My journey was very short: one day.

On the next day I visited Agra (to see the Taj Mahal), as the city is only 225 km away from Delhi (read my post here).

My experience in New Delhi

Humayun Tomb





Qutb Minar


An iconic Delhi monument: the Qutb Minar is a 600-year-old Mughal victory tower and the tallest brick minaret in the world.

Janpath market


Enjoy your lunch doing some shopping at the Janpath Market (or any other handcraft shopping place)

Delhi’s Red Fort


 In Old Delhi, the sprawling grounds within the Red Fort make for a peaceful walk, and nearby is the Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque.

Jama Masjid Mosque

Swaminarayan Akshardham

I didn’t have the time to see it but you should not miss the Swaminarayan Temple. This is an Hindu Temple. It was constructed entirely from Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble, and has no support from steel or concrete. The monument also consists of 234 ornately carved pillars, nine domes, and 20,000 statues of Hindu monks, devotees, and acharyas (yoga teachers).


Where to stay ?

I would recommend Paharganj, closed to the Railway Station, is the perfect location for travelers.

I stayed at The Prime Balaji Deluxe hotel (Price: 2.000 roupies – 30€ for a night in a single room). The hotel had a very good breakfast and they helped me to arrange taxi and everything.

However, if you’re a solo traveler, backpacker or meeting friends lover, I would highly recommend you the hostel : Zostel Delhi ❤

➳ The hostel is located on Arakashan Road, 15 meters from the Prime Balaji Hotel, where al lots of hotels are. I discovered this hostel when I was walking into the street and I entered because I wanted to meet some people. The owner is so friendly and helpful. They will help you to arrange a taxi to go to Agra.

Arakashan Road, Paharganj, New Delhi
Best location to find an accomodation

Travel on a Sunday

I did travel on a Sunday. There are pros and cons to visit New Delhi on a Sunday (and in all big cities in India).


On a Sunday there is less traffic as it is not a working day. I must say: it’s the best day to drive in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai! If you leave early in the morning, you won’t see anyone on the road – it is Fab!


It’s weekend also for Indians, which means a lot of people to every touristic sites and monuments. However, usually the entrance fees and queues are separated for Indian & Foreigners so you should be fine (By the way, entrance fees for foreigners are 25 times more expensive than for Indian…)

♀ Solo female traveler

Overall I was surprised, I felt very safe in New Delhi as a solo female traveler.

I have been living in India for the past two months so I am used to dress in a certain way and I know how to behave with drivers or street vendor, for example. I highly recommend  you to book in advance your accomodation, so you avoid the many scammers in Delhi. Once you arrive at the airport you take a « prepaid taxi » (Taxi of the Gvt of India) so it will cost you around 400 roupies (6€) one way and you’ll arrive safely at your hostel/hotel. From there, you can move by rickshaw.

Finally, do not be afraid ! There is no reason to feel insecure in Delhi, more than in Brussels or New York.


Have you ever been to New Delhi?

What do you like about it? Or what don’t you like about Delhi?


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