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Reporter on the Road is a travel blog for travellers who are looking for authentic and real experiences in around the world.

This blog is for people who want to see the world off the beaten paths, and in a responsible and ethical way. 


Reporter on the Road is the story of travel, discovery and encounters.
It’s about sharing moments of escape, unique places and emotions from here and elsewhere.
The world is vast, let’s discover it together.


Kindly note that this travel blog is originally written in French.

More blog posts are available in the French version 🙂

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The journey begins at your doorstep.
Discover Belgium or the rest of the world with itineraries and advice for each destination.
The watchword is escape…


Travelling also means meeting other people.
Set off to meet cultures from near and far for an authentic and unique journey.
On the programme are some unforgettable moments.

Off the beaten Path

Reporter on the Road is also a source of inspiration for travelling in a different way, discovering remote places and those that aren’t necessarily talked about on Instagram…
Dare to get off the beaten track

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Reporter on the Road is a blog dedicated to responsible travel and adventure.

My aim is to provide a dose of inspiration for curious travellers, while giving them the means to explore the world in a sustainable and responsible way.

Looking forward to chatting with you, Florence