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Women from the world: Portraits


When we think about beauty, we probably have some standards in mind. We are constantly bombarded with images and pictures of what a beautiful woman looks like. It is said that the average human is exposed to over 3,000 images a day. But is there any diversity in all these images? I have decided to introduce you to a beautiful series of portraits of women from the world…

15 facts every foreigner should know about Belgium


Belgium is this small, incredible and surreal country located in the heart of Europe. Known worldwide for its (many) special beers, its chocolate, its French fries but also for its unique humor, Belgium is full of characteristics that we don’t even suspect. Since its creation in 1830, the country has created its own identity, its own culture, sometimes with Flemish, sometimes with Walloon influences. This mix of languages, cultures, political opinions and fights makes the country fascinating. So leave your prejudices behind and welcome to our country!