Travel stories, discoveries, reflexions and people from all over the world.

Hello, I am Florence, and I am the creator and the main author of this blog.
Of a very curious nature, I am passionate about travel, writing and photography.
At the end of 2015, while I was in India, I embarked on this blog adventure. I was so eager to share my emotions and feelings. It has become more than a passion and I have never stopped (not yet)!
Today, I am 29 years old, I live in Brussels and I have a degree in communication and international relations. I work in com’ for an NGO that fights poverty in Europe and for the defence of human rights.



Travelling, for me, means going to meet the other, his country, his culture, his history.

When I go on a trip, I especially like to meet people. Because travelling is also about meeting people. Meet the other, the foreigner, the local. To discover those who live or inhabit these places that I come to explore. This is where I feel all the richness of a trip.

My passion for travel has been with me since I was very young; I was 3 years old when my parents decided to move to Italy, to Friuli. Thus, I live a childhood between North and South. Later on, I have trouble finding my identity and I wonder a lot about what my origins are. This explains why I define myself above all as a European citizen and I feel both nowhere and everywhere in my home.


About the blog

Since 2016, Reporter on the Road has been taking its readers on a journey of discovery of places, people, cultures and traditions from here and abroad.

Through this blog, I hope to share a good dose of inspiration with future travellers and answer all the questions of backpackers & backpackers!

I also share all my questions and thoughts on travel, from why I decided to travel alone for the first time to how I try to travel while being eco-responsible.

Bilingual blog

The blog is fully bilingual in French and English.
First I write in French, my mother tongue, and then I translate into English to share my stories with the people I meet on the road, but also with non-French speakers.

Stories of travellers

The blog hosts stories from other travellers.
Those who wish can come and share their adventures on Reporter on the Road. Travel enthusiasts, who do not have their own blog, find the opportunity to express themselves.


Women inspiration and travels

The blog dedicates an entire category to women’s travel.
Articles where I share my experiences in solo travel and where I try to answer all the questions of those who want to go alone: which destinations, where to sleep, how to travel,…