On the way to the Calanques of Marseille

The Calanques are 20 kilometers of limestone cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean between Marseille and Cassis. They are the harmonious mixture of turquoise water, white rock and green pines. The Calanques have undoubtedly, sublime landscapes that are worth the detour.

I dreamt of Marseille. I was already imagining, when I was on the plane, sun, warmth, authenticity and simplicity. But I also thought of them … those white rocks that line the coast that I saw very well just before we landed. It made me want to go for a ride but it is really when arriving on the spot that I realized the beauty of this place!



Going into the Calanques is a real adventure. You have to go up and down, climb and then climb again … Of course, there are different ways of experiencing “the adventure” of the calanques of Marseille. You can go there to bathe, to walk or to discover a nature between earth and sea exceptionally beautiful. Some join them by car, others take advantage of a long hike.

At the end of this post, I share some advices on “how to get there”, but first… open your eyes




« The calanques: some pearls between Marseille and Cassis. Water, rock, pines. During hours of march, the same sumptuous repetition: water, green, blue, transparent, white stones, pines, which owe their survival only to a series of miracles. For dazzling hours, cliffs of vertigo lit by a clear sky, emerald creeks, the sun, inaccessible caves, islands further. »
Robert Colonna Istria




« In the creeks? During whole days, swimming, walking, fishing, between the pines and the blue, between the carpets of flowers, between the sea and the rocks. And to rest from its splendors, to stop, the time of a little Provence, under the enchanted canisse of the terrace of a cabanon. Running in the creeks, dreaming about it, getting lost, loving it, then coming back, the soul boxed by beauty: this is what the photos of Ange Lorente.
Un jour, il faudra partir dans les calanques : ce jour est arrivé … »
Robert Colonna Istria






















How to get to the creeks Calanques ?

Recommended itinerary

From Cassis ♥

Take the bus M8 or drive from Marseille to Cassis.
Price: 2,10€ – 45 minutes

You can start the hike to reach

  • Port Miou
  • Port Pin
  • En-vau

From there, you can either go back to Cassis and visit this lovely little town or continue the way to Marseille…


From Marseille

Reach Cassis along the Calanques from Marseille.
A special itinerary “hiking” to do in spring or autumn

Time : Appropx 4h30
Distance : 13 km – 600m height difference

The Calanques by boat

It is also possible to visit the Calanques by boat…

Whether you go in summer, spring or autumn, the visit and feel will be very different. When it is not too hot it is nice and superb to walk in the massifs to join the different Calanques. In summer, on the other hand, it is a bit warmer (literally and figuratively).


This is my first post since a very long time (it’s been 5 months already) …
I didn’t have (or find) the time.
New job, new life, new moves, new rhythm of life.
But writing is, for me, a passion and a disengagement.
So, I come back, and I will always come back …
Thank you for your understanding ♡







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